My Mother

I want to introduce you to someone that is very special to me – by the title of this post, I assume you think this is regarding my birth mother. In some ways, you are correct – she was there during my conception, the 9 months my physical mother carried me, and at my birth. She has been by my side my entire life.

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A Little Bit of Honesty

I want to be completely candid with you all: My life is complicated and may seem filled with hallucinations and strange occurrences. I accept your accusations of being insane – I do have a diagnosis that confirms clinical insanity, on some level. But I feel that the experiences I have are very real, and not mere hallucinations.

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31 Days of Witchcraft: Day 2

How long have you been practicing witchcraft?

That is a good question, but it has a few different parts. First of all, I have been practicing Witchcraft since I was a small child. I was included in rituals and spells where energy needed to be raised, I helped to create many charms and talismans with my mother, and I participated in divination during Sunday afternoon tea at my great grandmothers. I wished upon stars, sending my intentions and hopes out into the Universe.

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HL’s 2nd Birthday

On Saturday, Sly held a birthday party for her daughter, HL. A little history: HL was put into CPS protective custody because of a lot of things her birth mother did that were really wrong. Her birth mother was definitely not ready for the responsibility of a child – I don’t think she understood what she was getting herself into, seeing as her first child was also taken away from her and is with Sly’s oldest daughter. Angel would bring HL over to Sly on a daily basis because she couldn’t handle taking care of the baby; Angel wanted to do everything else except take care of her daughter. Finally, after taking a baby, who was only about 2 months old, into the front seat of a car without a carseat, CPS got involved. Sly has cared for HL since she was born – before she was born, really, she was buying and providing food, shelter, clothing, and everything else Angel might need, and for HL too.

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Writing World, Episode 1

What is going on in the Writing World of V.A. Manning?

First of all, yes, that is my name – V.A. Manning is the name I put on my books, just so you know if you see the name floating around on the interwebs, it IS me. Second of all, yes, I have a writing world. A few actually, but only one I am currently working on. I already posted about the Launch Party for Paint it Black, which will be published for Amazon Kindle on 22nd September 2014 – but I didn’t really talk about my current project, still untitled.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Paint it Black Book Launch!

So, my newest novella, Paint it Black, is set to be published on Monday, the 22nd of September. I am so excited! In order to raise the energy level of this launch, I have created a Facebook Event – if you are on Facebook and want to join in, maybe even enter to win one of three FREE Kindle copies of the book, check out the event here:

A note: There is SEX, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, and ADULT LANGUAGE in this novella – suggested for 18+.

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Understanding my Faith

I am actually a very shy person when asked about my beliefs, mostly because they are still met with rolling eyes and questions about worshiping Satan, forcing people to fall in love with me via spells, and turning people into toads. Even though my face is clearly on the internet, and I have grown into using my birth name instead of a pseudonym, I feel somewhat comfortable and safe in exploring my faith.

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