HL’s 2nd Birthday

On Saturday, Sly held a birthday party for her daughter, HL. A little history: HL was put into CPS protective custody because of a lot of things her birth mother did that were really wrong. Her birth mother was definitely not ready for the responsibility of a child – I don’t think she understood what she was getting herself into, seeing as her first child was also taken away from her and is with Sly’s oldest daughter. Angel would bring HL over to Sly on a daily basis because she couldn’t handle taking care of the baby; Angel wanted to do everything else except take care of her daughter. Finally, after taking a baby, who was only about 2 months old, into the front seat of a car without a carseat, CPS got involved. Sly has cared for HL since she was born – before she was born, really, she was buying and providing food, shelter, clothing, and everything else Angel might need, and for HL too.

Angel, though she has changed and has a third child, is just as rude and disrespectful as she always has been. HL is an amazing little girl with a budding unique personality, tons of energy, and an appetite for learning. She can count to ten, say most of her ABC’s, knows shapes and colors, and has an extensive vocabulary, for a 2 year old.

Whether Angel, or anyone else around HL and Sly choose to accept this fact, Sly is HL’s mother. She has been there since HL’s birth, spent nights waking up to feed the baby, cuddled her when she cried, played with her, took her exploring, and helped her learn everything she knows today. Sly is in her early 60’s, and helped to raise Angel when she a child (but because Angel was put with other family members, all of Sly’s hard work was for not). Sly is a natural mother, and takes any child around her or put into her care under her wings. She is a wonderful teacher, and though she might have some strange child-rearing techniques, the children she helps raise are given a foundation of love, learning, and encouragement.

So, without further adieu, here are the memories I helped capture from HL’s 2nd birthday:

We had fun with the dogs, the party goers, and bubbles! Then, the cake was brought out!

And finally, the cake was cut and distributed to everyone. HL was a little apprehensive at first, but dove right in after some encouragement.

And finally, some out-takes from the party. HL’s younger half-sister, Piper, was giggling:

And some of the guests lounging around, just enjoying some company and good weather:

I left before the party was over – I was starting to have an anxiety attack, and my kids needed a place to sit to eat their cake, and then some quiet time. Either way, for the short amount of time we were at the party, we had fun.


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