Mabon, the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is a time of shifting energies, and even if the leaves do not turn to fall colors in your region, the energies of the Earth shift because the axis shifts. There are a ton of pages regarding the scientific changes to the planet. the tilting of the axis, the changing of the seasons. That is not what I am here to write about.

I am here to write about the season of Autumn itself, what it means to us as humans, and what it means to me as a Witch – as well as a creative mind. Also, what it means to those of us who live in the desert, where we seem to have two Springs every year.

This year, Autumn was ushered in by a storm – the bands from a hurricane heading up through Baja California have cast their shadows over my desert home, which means we got a crap ton of rain – we did get rain. This also means that the leaves wont be falling from the trees until later on in the year – probably October through November. Sometimes the leaves stick around into December. Because of this, everything is wet and green here right now.

Autumn here in Southern Arizona is nothing like the pictures – at least, not completely. There are some places here in Arizona that do have the changing leaves, and get that amazing Autumn atmosphere. However, the rest of us Arizonans sit in our humid homes and watch as the storms roll by, craving some of that foggy, red-orange-yellow season that seems to evade us.

Sly and I took the kids out for a long drive this weekend – well, a few drives – to see the flooding San Pedro River. It was definitely flowing, and fast.

As you can see, not much of the Autumn colors showing through. It is muggy, rainy, and straight up Springtime here. All the plants are flowering, everything has this amazing new life to it that only the desert brings with its Monsoon weather. Here in the desert, this is what Autumn means for us – a second Spring every year, during and after Monsoon season.

I cant wait to get some pictures of the changing leaves down by the San Pedro river, which is pretty much the only place that has any of the Autumn colors.

During this time of year, with the land acting all Spring-like, there is a lot to be thankful for – and Autumn is the time for being thankful. We are reminded that, through the cycle of life, we all have those moments of great upheaval, those times when we feel like we are going to die or maybe that we should, or just that our lives could not get any worse. But then, things DO get worse – the storms come through and we feel like we are drowning… And after those storms leave, we look at our lives and feel refreshed for some reason – we feel new, a wonderful Spring time like… thing… (I totally lost my train of thought here, had to get my niece to stop hitting my daughter)…

Either way, here in the desert we get two seasons of renewal, and that energy is definitely abundant right now. I know things are changing, I can feel the energy of the Earth changing with the tilt of the axis. I know Autumn is here. It is time to reap what we have sown – and for me, I am starting to question my emotional and spiritual gardening skills. I know I have quite a bit to be thankful for, but in light of recent events and developments, I am unable to see the bright side of things.

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