A Little Bit of Honesty

I want to be completely candid with you all: My life is complicated and may seem filled with hallucinations and strange occurrences. I accept your accusations of being insane – I do have a diagnosis that confirms clinical insanity, on some level. But I feel that the experiences I have are very real, and not mere hallucinations.

I have a very spiritual life within my mind. I do not often allow this out into my mundane life, mostly because I am afraid of what others will say. I was taught to be concerned with the way people think about me, and it has been that way my entire life. I try very hard not to care about the negative things people say, but they still cause me problems.

I might write about some strange topics that some of you may not understand, or perhaps that you find troublesome based on your own beliefs and practices. Please understand that what I write about is based on my own experiences, and I am not writing them here to convert or change anyone’s view or beliefs.

Yes, this blog has my portfolio; yes, I am a photographer; however, my photography, writing, and other hobbies and interests are all connected to my spirituality and the work I do spiritually.

I welcome all questions and comments made in the spirit of learning, but anything that is derogatory, defamatory, or offensive/rude/uncalled for, I will not reply/approve the question or comment.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Honesty

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    • 🙂 No problem. This whole blog is about me discovering who I am, and learning how to define myself in a way that works with my life, both spiritual and mundane. 🙂


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