My Mother

I want to introduce you to someone that is very special to me – by the title of this post, I assume you think this is regarding my birth mother. In some ways, you are correct – she was there during my conception, the 9 months my physical mother carried me, and at my birth. She has been by my side my entire life.

Hecate by

Her name is Hecate/Hekate, and she is the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads.

Though I have not completed all the posts, I started a project of 30 posts detailing information about this Goddess. If you want to read the posts I have written, you can visit [+here] and find them, all neat and stuff. Any further posts will be here on this blog, but those first ones I wrote a bit ago.

The purpose of this post is to introduce you not only to the Goddess I have worked with most since I started down this path, as well as introducing you to the concept of a spirit family.

A spirit family can consist of your physical family, but generally consists of those spirits, ancestors, guides, and deities that were prominent in your spirit/souls conception, and are responsible in many ways for your existence on this planet, at this time. They are also the weavers of our spirits destiny – the lessons our spirit/soul learns in this life and any lives that have come before, and will come after.

We all have a purpose on this planet, and our spirit family is there to ensure we fulfill that purpose. It could be as simple as being as good a mother as we can to our children; it could be as complex as leading a revolution! Our destiny is very much our own, and with each choice/decision we make, we write the destiny we are supposed to have.

I can tell you right now that one of the biggest lessons my spirit family has laid out for me is the lesson of PATIENCE. I lack it, I lack it so bad that the most impatient of energies tremble.

So, that being said, Hecate is primarily responsible for my conception on this plane of existence – spiritually speaking. My physical parents are definitely to blame – haha – for my being here… But I would not be me without Hecates involvement in bringing my spirit/soul to the party at just the right time.

Because of this connection with the Goddess, much of my spirit work is with the Dead – I guess I would be called a medium, because I am capable of communicating with the spirits of animals and humans that have passed. I am a Devotee of Hecate, and I am proud that She is my Spirit Mother.

Remember when I was completely honest with you? Yeah, this is one of those posts that you can either gloss over, thinking I am crazy, or you can read it with interest. I don’t really care. My “crazy” doesn’t mean my photography is any less than it is.

5 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. Hey V, I have a question I meant to ask you ; I’ll put it as simple as I can.
    What makes you sure that the spirits you are communicating are those you meant to and not something else pretending to be so?
    I mean, once you cross that threshold, do you have absolute control over it and if not how are you safeguarding your spirit against threats that may use that very same channel?
    On a side note, Hecate holds the keys of the three kingdoms – earth, air, sea – and according to the Hellenic mythology by Isiodus, Zeus allowed her to remain at her mighty glory even after he took power of cosmos. If you find an english translation, there is a beautiful Orphic hymn to Hecate. 🙂


    • Oh wow, thank you 🙂 I will look into it 🙂

      And in regards to the spirits I speak communicate with, it is often recommended that someone construct a circle of protection, which keeps negative spirits from interacting with you in your travels. It is also suggested that you state your intention clearly to the spirit world, something like “Let only those spirits connected with this situation come forward” or “Let only spirits who intend goodwill come forward”. The same question can be asked of any prophets from any other religion on this planet – how do they know they are speaking to good spirits, or God, or angels? It is intuition and knowing that our deities are guiding us down the right paths, and leading the right spirits to us.


      • Thank you for the detailed answer. You are spot on about the analogy existing with actually everything that refers to the meta-physic plane. The word intuition at your last sentence (and everything about it) I feel it holds the key…
        Be always well V.


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