I Am In Trouble

No, seriously – my kids and I are in serious trouble. My fiance, who allowed me to stay at home since March 2014, moved on October 1st. He was the breadwinner, the bill payer, our financial support – not to mention my best friend, lover, emotional support and reality rock. He left us with rent due by the 9th, a internet bill for the last 3 months, me without a job, and my bank account in the negative -$200. Without a job, we will be homeless – we have no place to go, no place to store our things, nothing. I have an interview with a company tomorrow, but that wont come in time to pay rent. Needless to say, we are screwed. Please, PLEASE, pass this GoFundMe compaign on to anyone you may know that has the ability to help us out. It would be amazing to live here a little bit longer, until we can get a better place for us once we have a job. We need this place, we really do, for all its unlivable qualities – it is a roof over our heads, and we need that.

Please, I am embarassed to be doing this, but I am begging you. Maybe you know someone that is in a good spot that might be able to help us out. We really appreciate anything and everything you can/will do for us. ❤

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