Cosmic News – Addition

I am an Aries, and though this does not fall on my Sun Sign of Aries, the Moon is in my sign. According to this post, this means:

Aries: This eclipse falls right on your sign so you will be more emotional, more aggressive, as if you are turning to a werewolf. So try not to bite first and then ask questions. It can affect your health, body, identity, and how people perceive you.

I can already feel these energies bubbling up in the pit of my stomach. I am starting to bite at people that I don’t often bite at – I am way more irritable with people, including my kids. I can also feel the changes coming, something is definitely about to happen.

I wonder what? Oh, well, I did have an interview today, and I did get the job. I start 11/03/2014! I am happy I got the job, but it isn’t happening when it needs to, haha. I needed this job NOW, but November is close enough.

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