The Wisdom of Buddha

The idea that what we think, we manifest, is an interesting one. The Universe hears our thoughts – our thoughts are energy, just like everything else. Our thoughts vibrate at certain frequencies, and when we belittle ourselves or think negatively about anything, the Universe hears it. If you put out there that you will never get anywhere in life, or that life sucks, or that you are useless, the Universe responds in kind and gives you more hopeless situations. For some reason, the Universe is like that. Keep positive, try to say some affirmations when you are feeling down. Try and see the good in situations, even when they seem destitute.

I am there right now. We are going to be evicted from our home because of the situation my ex left us in. But even though this is a seriously stressful and depressing situation, I can see this as a positive change that has been needed. We have needed out of this place for a while now, it is infested with roaches and mold is beginning to destroy some of our clothing and other items. It is time to move on.

I feel so down about the whole situation, and I am terrified that they are going to change the locks before an official judgement is made – I have no idea what I am going to do with my two cats and my dog, because even if we move, I can only have two animals.

Some positive things are happening, but I wont get into here. I have worked really hard to stay positive during this entire situation, and as long as I keep it up, it might pay off 🙂

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