The Wisdom of Buddha

(Reblog, take 2) So many of the worlds major religions talk about handing over our stress, worry, and other negative emotions to a Higher Power. I believe that this is relinqueching our personal responsibility to our lives. We say “Oh, it’s in God’s hands now” and then we go about our day. Are the people that do this regularly really happier? Are they better balanced because they have released the very reason their happiness exists? We cannot have the happy, positive, light parts without the depressing, negative, dark parts.

I have been told, many times, by well-meaning friends that I should “surrender my stress/worry/fear/depression to God, who will hold my hand through this ordeal”. I look at them, and in all honesty I say:

“I cannot place this burden on another being, even a Higher Power.” These are my experiences, they are my lessons to learn. I do not believe in surrendering my negative emotions to any Deity, it is just not in my nature.

Would you hand over your screaming infant so you could go on vacation? No, you would sway the child, soothe the child, until you were sure they were calmed. The same is with our negative emotions – we need to face them and move passed them, not just hand them over.

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” We do not need to look toward the sky, or a Higher Power, to find a release from our stress and fears – we need only to look within ourselves. All beings have a spark of the Divine within them. I seek guidance from the Divine, but never a hand to cling to. I am a big girl, I can handle all of the problems that come my way – it might take some time for certain things, but in the end I will be a stronger, brighter person for having shouldered my own burdens.

I appreciate the presence of the Divine in my life, and I honor Her every day – I do not beg Her to take my problems away, I ask Her what is the best way for me to move forward.

Note: Everyone has their own relationship with the Divine; I am not saying your way is wrong, I am only expressing my own thoughts on this topic.

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