And everything will work out.

I have mentioned previously that we are facing an eviction, and have had a lot of bills owed. I have been working really hard on keeping a positive outlook during this whole situation. A lot of my friends, and people in groups that I am a part of on Facebook, lit candles, said prayers, and even worked a little magick on our behalf.

I woke up this morning, groggy and not wanting to be a part of the waking world – I went through the normal motions: rubbed my eyes, yawned, stretched, and picked up my phone after shutting the alarm off. I checked my notifications – email, updated apps, and saw something that worried me at first. My bank app had a notification waiting for me. When I swiped down and saw a deposit in my account of the exact amount of my tax return I filed earlier this year, I balked. I thought I was dreaming. When I told Sly about it, she questioned if I had been dreaming when I saw it. I showed her the proof, and we both kinda just looked at each other.

The Universal Divine saw my need, felt my need, felt my fear and anxiety about my children being homeless, and the Divine intervened enough to bring me my tax return. We paid off the internet and gas bills, and will be getting a money order for the entire amount owed to the landlord here. We are in the process of finding a place to move into – found a few promising places, but most are a little pricey. One of them will waive the app fee, and possibly the deposit for the apartment. Another place requires a deposit (rent plus pet deposit), but I can get a 3 or 4 bedroom. I have a lot of options right now, and I am not sure if I should go with the space for the price, or just the price. Who knows what might happen? That 4th room might come in hand in the future, and for now it can be either an office, a guest room, or whatever. I am also digging the fact that, while paying a deposit, I wont have to worry about water, trash, sewer, or gas – everything is electric, so gas doesn’t matter! And I can technically have Rue there, whereas most other places only 2 animals are allowed. I haven’t found a new home for Rue yet…

I know that I will find the right place for us, all of us. Still trying to keep my eyes open.

I also ended up buying some much needed new clothes for work on the 3rd, and some new clothes for the kids. They are wearing their new jammies tonight – Alex got a Frozen jammie set, and D got a Batman set. They love them. 🙂 I know you can’t buy happiness, or love, but seeing their faces light up any time they get something new – which hasn’t happened much in their lives – really brings a smile to my own face. I know that items and possessions aren’t everything, but seriously, how can you deny that seeing their eyes widen and their little giggles fill the room doesn’t make you feel good?

On another note, I veiled for the entire day today, while out of the house. I had to adjust it often, so there were a few seconds here and there that my hair was uncovered (and when I tried some clothes on, because Wal-Mart was like 100 degrees). It felt right to veil in public today. It felt like I was doing the right thing. Here is a picture of me wearing the veil:

It is a really lovely scarf that I bought at Wal-Mart, but you know what? It called to me, so I purchased it. I can feel a warmth in my heart, and I know that Hekate is pleased with my decision to give this a try. I will probably be posting more about this in time, when I am more comfortable talking about the spiritual significance of this practice.

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