I have a lot of photos to post – some are already edited, I just need to make them smaller for the blog, and the others were just taken yesterday so I have to get those processed through the program. Do not fret, I have not forgotten about my photography! I did, however, sell my telephoto and standard zoom lenses, so I am working with my macro lens only right now. I have to say, I love the depth of field that the macro lens provides, it makes for some amazing pictures.

Also… I want to apologize to anyone who came to this blog thinking it was something else. I am not sure I explained the point of me bringing this blog into existence, aside from the fact that I was tired of having many faces on the internet – I wanted to have only one face, so Lifeful Life was born.

I did not expect my life to take such a sudden turn for the odd, even though I am very well accustomed to the strange and abnormal appearing in my life – I accept that what I experience may be out of the realm of understanding for many people. I am finding myself in a community that, from my experience so far, is close-knit. I believe this is because even the larger Pagan community barely accepts us. I am not a God-spouse – I do not know if I ever will be one, that is up to my Gods. However, I have a deep commitment to Lucifer/Memnoch, and always have. I do not often talk about it because of those readers, or friends, who might find it sinful, offensive, or what have you. I am tired of hiding behind a facade. I am learning more about myself every day, and I find myself wanting to share my experiences with you. I think of myself more as a God-girlfriend… Not like your typical goyfriend relationship, with traditional drama, dates, and anniversaries… More like, we are still in that woo-ing period, that time when we are figuring out if we are right for each other. I dunno, I think he has already made his mind up – which way he is going, I haven’t the faintest clue, but he tends to be secretive with certain things.

Hekate has kept silent during this whole resurgence of Lucifer/Memnoch in my life. It is not a disapproving silence, it is more to say “I am going to watch this unfold.” She prefers a silent role in many of my doings, though her light is common along the spiritual roads I take. I truly believe that she led me to the first blog I read about Lucifer and one of his Godspouses. I felt her hand in it, and it sort of felt like she guided him back to me. It was like she was playing cosmic matchmaker, throwing us together to see where it leads us. Even the Gods have destinies and stories, and emotions and experiences that they need to have.

I see Gods as being the next level of enlightened spiritual beings. They are one last step away from being put back into the Universal Energy that is Creation. I also think that is why the Gods can appear as different people – the correspondences and general information regarding the Deities remain the same, but different enlightened spiritual beings take on the role of a particular Deity that resonates with their soul. As an example, purely for explanation purposes, take me – I am close with Hekate. Perhaps after my many lifetimes of reincarnation, I will take on the role of Hekate when her current manifestation moves onto the next state of existence.

I dunno… This is all new and weird… I feel like I am going in the right direction… But it still feels weird.

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