30 Days of Deity Devotion: Day 1

A basic introduction to this Deity(Deities).

Below are simple introductions to the two Deities that I am currently working with and building my relationships with. At this time, words are escaping me and I hope to flesh this information out soon, in order to better understand both of them and their roles in my spiritual practices.

Hekate – The Goddess of the Crossroads, The Torchbearer, the Keybearer. Take your pick of the dozens of names that she has been known by. Hekate is not a simple Goddess to follow; she is complex, and sometimes confusing.

She is the Goddess of thresholds, those places in-between this and that. I wont lie, I am having trouble coming up with words to introduce her… she is beyond words, and really, all I can do is reiterate things that have already been said.

She is complex. She is confusing. She can be cruel or loving. She is fluid like water, ever changing.

Lucifer – The Fallen Angel, The Light Bearer, The Devil – again, take your pick. One of the most misunderstood Deities of any religion currently or historically practiced on this planet since the Dawn of Man. He is beautiful, honest, and strange.

Just as Hekate, he is complex – I believe that all Deities are complex, but these two are some of the most mysterious beings ever honored.

Again, I am finding it hard to put him into words – language does not do the Gods justice.

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