Happy Samhain!

Today is Samhain – Halloween, All Hallows Eve, whatever you wish to call it – which is known as the Witches New Year. This is the last harvest festival of Autumn, and it is the day when the veil between this plane and the other planes are is thinnest. There are, obviously, other days that the veil thins – Beltane, Midsummer, Ostara – but none of them compare to Samhain. For me, Samhain has always signaled the end of Autumn – I know that for many places, my little Southern Arizona town included, that Autumn doesn’t visually begin until this time… But for some reason, because this is the last harvest festival, it feels like a door is being opened for Winter to join the party.

Right now I am watching Ghost Adventures on Netflix, my daughter is playing quietly with some toys that a friend handed down to my kids, and I am trying to come up with some things for the feast tonight. I was thinking about doing oven roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and maybe a desert. I cant wait to include my son in on this ritual – my daughter will be apart of it too, but D has shown an incredible spike in interest in what I do.

Every day, when we get to school, we clasp our hands together in the typical prayer position and he says “God and Goddess, help me be a good boy today.” We use those words because he has behavioral problems and has ADD – his school does a behavior chart and his teacher marks what he did or didn’t do during the day, and leaves some notes for me too. We had a good 8 days of Green Cards (really good), but then he got a Red Card (really bad) and two Yellow cards in the last week. He doesn’t talk a lot about his day at school, most of the time he plays it off like he doesn’t remember. I try not to push it, because it can cause him great upset, but at least the teacher shares a bit of what he did.

I am currently working on a Black Mirror, which is used for scrying and can be used when contacting the Sidhe (Fae), Guides, or even Ancestral Spirits. It has a lot of different uses. It is really easy to make, and I might just make a tutorial later on (I have to go grab another picture frame from the dollar store so I can do it from the beginning for you).

I will be posting about my ritual tomorrow, probably. I might even have pictures of Halloween fun with the kids, and maybe some of the ritual. I am really excited about tonight. 😀

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