Samhain Festivities

So, tonight my kids and I went out to the park with Sly and her daughter. It was not what I remembered Halloween being like – it was lines and bibles and literature… There was candy, but it felt like we were just moving along, no fun, no running from house to house… It was disappointing. But at least the kids enjoyed themselves!

alex halloween      damien halloween

After getting done at the park, we came home and I started heating up dinner – oven roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, and pumpkin pie for dessert. I got a plate ready, the kids and I asked the God and Goddess to bless the food for the spirits that are traveling tonight, and I set it outside. We said another prayer to the God and Goddess, and talked a bit about what Samhain means. It felt weird, including my kids in on it, because so many people get uppity if I mention bringing my kids into my spiritual beliefs…. But it is ok for other people to peddle their beliefs on children? I think not. I am raising my kids Witches, and they can choose whether to continue to follow this path or not. But I am tired of being passive about my childrens spiritual upbringing.

Other than that, I had a ritual planned for tonight but I am pretty exhausted right now. I am likely going to perform the ritual tomorrow – even though the veil wont be as thin, it will still be worth the effort to perform it. I hope that everyone has had a safe and fun Halloween/Samhain!

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