The Mourning Moon, Part I

Today, November 6th 2014, is the full moon. I do a ton of research on the moons, their correspondences, and a lot of other things involved with rituals for this time of the month. This month has many names, as all the moons do, but The Mourning Moon really spoke to me.

I am in mourning right now. My step father passed away last month, my relationship crumbled over a month ago, I don’t get to spend every day with my daughter… These are all things that I mourn right now.

The full moon can also be a time when you vow to make a change, when you request help to get rid of a bad habit or negative thought process. I plan, tonight, to enact a simple ritual in honor of the Moon, and my Goddess Hekate. She is the Goddess of the Crossroads, and I feel like I am standing at one right now. I can feel her hand on my shoulder, as if to say that she is with me – I can see her outline before me, but it is not clear. I cannot see the path she is illuminating for me. I hope that tonight I will be able to break through the blinding barrier and see the right way to move forward.

Tomorrow, I hope to post more about everything that is going on – I have been drained these past few days, and I have to go to bed a lot earlier than I used to.

Peace be with you.

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