Something I Never Expected…

While surfing Youtube for New Moon ritual videos – just ideas and stuff – I came across a short guided meditation for finding your spirit animal guide. I had expectations going into this meditation – I have already encountered two of my spirit guides – Black Cat (just as his name suggests, he is a black feline; however, he can appear as a small house cat or a fully grown black panther) and Coyote (a shapeshifting Native American shaman, who most commonly appears as a Coyote) – but the guide I encountered was one I have never met before…

I am unsure as to the gender of my guide, but I have the distinct feeling that Snow Leopard is a She. She did not give me a name, only told me that I would realize her name soon enough and that I would know it was correct. She told me that I will weather this storm, that I will thrive – she said I will survive through this, just as the Snow Leopards survive in their cold habitats.

I am currently doing research on Snow Leopards as spirit guides… and from what I have read, her appearance makes complete sense – and so does what she said to me.


She came stalking out of the swirling air, filled with ice and snow dust, just as this picture depicts. At first, I felt a wave of fear – as any person would feel if they were to encounter a Snow Leopard in the wild. But the moment I locked eyes with her, that fear subsided and it all felt right. It was such a brief encounter, but it held so much information – her words are weighted with lessons I have yet to learn, but that have been staring me in the face for many years.

From my research, I can expect her lessons to revolve around independence, self-sustainability; and like Black Cat, some of Snow Leopards lessons will deal with my Shadow Self. I feel a great amount of Self-Love and Self-Respect in her, she knows her worth, she knows her abilities, and she thrives on solitude. I have been faced with loneliness many times since becoming an adult… Snow Leopard is here to teach me revel in that solitude, to find the positive side of being alone, and to let go of the negative, debilitating thoughts that swirl in my mind like icicles in a snow storm.

I look forward to working with Snow Leopard more…

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