Archetypes, Part I

So, to restart my journey off the right way, I am going to start with a blog post about something that seems to be a big part of my practice: archetypes. This is a word I use regularly in discussing deities and supernatural forces. It seems like a huge part of spirituality – not just religion – is the concept of deity. We, as a species, focus entirely way too much on deity, god, or a higher power – we give our problems over to god with no further thought on it, believing that this force will handle things for us when it just gets to hard. No. Wrong. At least for my spiritual practice, this is wrong. I cannot accept relinquishing responsibility for my own problems and actions, it makes no sense. How am I supposed to learn a lesson if every time something gets too tough, I whine to a god? Yeah, I’m gonna ask for guidance – but I’m not gonna sit there and be like “yo, god, I cant handle this right now, can you hold onto this burden for me?” How wrong is that? How cowardice and weak? I am not a weak person, I can shoulder my own issues even if I ask for a map or a signpost along the way.

In my spiritual practice, deities are not literal gods; they are not creatures or near-corporeal beings. They are archetypes. They are a face and a name placed on an inexplicable force to assist in my mind comprehending this forces existence. Even though when I see Hekate, I see a physical representation of her, she herself is not a physical being – she is a compilation of energy that my mind automatically puts a face on; she is a thought. On the same level, Hekate is a set of symbols I have connected with – mother, guide, key-bearer, torch-bearer. These, in and of themselves, are types of archetypes. Hekate is the witch archetype, she is the coming together of all the things witches strive to achieve – wisdom, abilities, and yes, power. My patron, the masculine influence on my spirituality, is Lucifer – he is the rebel archetype. He pushes against established traditions, makes you think and ask questions and delve into thoughts and concepts that may deeply disturb you.

I do not sit here and know that somewhere, Lucifer is listening to me like we are talking on a telephone or messaging on Facebook. No. When I talk to him, when I ask for guidance, I do not believe that I am discussing things with a person or a being – I am talking to an aspect of the Universal Energy that vibrates well with my self.

The Universal Energy is a multi-faceted surface, and each deity is one single facet. Each deity is an archetype of the Universal Energy.

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