On 08/09/2015, we headed out to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Ever since I was a little girl, I have needed at least one day a week dedicated to getting back to nature. It brings me a sense of balance, which is necessary in my life. I cannot get the same sense of harmony while I am in town – it just doesn’t work, there is too much noise, too much motion, too much metal; too much man.

It wasn’t just me that headed out there, my mother drove, my kids sat in back, and my boyfriend came along too. It was a wonderful experience, and one of the first times he and I have gone out (we usually just stay home or hang out with our neighbors).

I had heard before that the San Pedro is considered a rainforest, because of the climate and wildlife and other factors, but I hadn’t truly experienced it until that day. It was muggy, and there was a storm rolling in from the south. Aaron, my boyfriend, pointed out the spiders and I saw the insect in the center (but have no idea what it is):

As we were walking, my kids scared a baby frog, who then hopped across the path and sat still long enough for me to snap this image of him:


Further down the path, Aaron stopped me because I was about to kick a sapphire blue dragon fly without realizing it. I was unable to get a clear shot of him, even though he hovered in front of me for about 3 minutes. After he flew away, we continued down the path to a very overgrown spot in the trail – this area is where you really get the rainforest feeling. It was wet, insects sang and communicated all around us, and it was hot as balls. We decided to sit down a ways off the trail, right at the edge of the river. Dragonflies, spiders, bees – you name it, it was before us. Even though I was unable to photograph the dragonfly that had hovered in front of me on the path, a separate one gave me the chance to snap this photo:


He was incredibly small, nearly impossible to catch while he was moving, but he rested on this blade of grass until the thunder broke the clouds and rain began to fall. He had two buddies that sat with him in front of me. We walked back in a light rain, and all in all, we all had a wonderful day. I am glad I was able to make it out there, and cannot wait for the next time I get to sit in nature, listening to her amazing music.

Here are the rest of the images from the adventure:


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