Conflicting Subjects

conflicting subjects

Last week, in CRPhotography, a challenge was held for the topic of Conflicting Subjects. The goal was to take a single photograph that shows two things that are conflicting. My inspiration for this challenge was my relationship with Aaron. We are two drastically different people, but we come together to make something beautiful, and that is our love for each other.

I chose the violin and the 30/30 rifle as representations of myself and Aaron – an artist and a soldier. They were placed on our respected sides of the bed with our pillows propping them up.

I am proud to say that I ended up winning the challenge, which is something amazing as I have never won anything in the DeviantArt community before. I really enjoyed this theme, and it was definitely a challenge to pick a subject.

Here are two more shots from the same shoot:

This weeks challenge: Exercises in Composition: Photograph the same scene or person or object in both portrait and landscape mode. I have an idea already for the subject of the photos, just need to charge up the camera in order to take them. 😀

I also wanted to talk a little bit about spirituality in this post, because a lot of my thoughts and beliefs are conflicting. I find myself struggling day to day with my own spirituality; the reason for this is that I do not believe in an omnipotent, sentient deity that created the universe, yet I strongly believe in the existence of Hecate and Lucifer, and the other deities from around the world. I do not believe that deity exists apart from humans, and yet I believe that their existence predates mankind.

You see how conflicting, and confusing, this is? Yeah, I deal with this conundrum every day. This is one of the things I am trying to define for myself, as a spiritual person. How do I define and view deity? When people ask me about my beliefs, this is how I explain it:

Everything is made up of energy, and the energy that makes up my body is the same energy that goes into the creation of stars and galaxies. I have within myself star stuff – the atoms that are in my body come from stars and planets that, long ago, were destroyed. Matter is just energy vibrating at a low frequency – the higher the vibrational frequency, the more ethereal something becomes. Deity is not primarily an entity vibrating at a higher frequency – deity is the energy that is vibrating.

Now, to explain something a little deeper – I do see how energy could conform into a being that vibrates at a higher frequency, thus creating the illusion of deity. However, I do not believe that this being fits into the definition of God (as defined by the Abrahamic religions). I also do not believe that these entities control elements within our world and universe the way the ancient civilizations depicted. I do, however, believe that the energy that pushes the wind could, on some level, vibrate at a higher frequency, thus providing a form for the archetype of the God of Wind.

So, you have energy (which is deity); you have matter (which is us); you have the elements of the universe, which are comprised of energy; and then you have the archetypes, which take on two forms: the mental form, which resides and interacts primarily within our minds during meditation or hallucinogenic drug use, and the physical form, which is the same energy that makes up the elements but vibrates at a higher frequency. All of this comes back to the basic form – plain old, simple energy.

When people hear this explanation, they often get confused which is unfortunate because I cannot explain it any different than this. From here, people usually ask me about Heaven and Hell, demons and angels, God, intelligent design, the Big Bang… the list goes on!

I am a very logical person, even though I am an abstract thinker, an artist, and a witch. I see everything with a logical eye, which is why spirituality is so difficult for me to commit to. I see a lot of my love of science and my logic thought coming out in my spirituality, and I try really hard to accept that I am just not a whimsical person anymore. I have grown out of the belief in a God and Goddess; I rarely perform spells, and rituals are a once in a blue moon deal. I miss being whimsical, but I can only play at that behavior for so long before I end up tiring of it and moving on. This is why there are so many gaps in my spirituality, so many on and off periods for my studies and my interest in witchcraft.

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