The Erenon Chronicles: Sword of Thandium EXCERPT

Edit: I am open to critique on this. I know it is short, I didn’t want to reveal too much at this point. But again, I am open to suggestions and critiques. 😀

Pax jumped to her feet from the ground, searching her surroundings. They were back at their camp, but all their belongings were missing. She turn and placed a hand on Fáeláns chest, shaking him. The wolf perked his ears up and opened his eyes, alert.

“Someone took everything, Fáelán.” She said, shocked. Fáelán sniffed the ground then growled. “Do you think the faeries did this?” The wolf nodded his head once, then continued sniffing. He followed the scent trail, Pax close behind him – after a few dozen feet, Fáelán stopped and growled again. He turned to Pax and shook his head, then trotted back to where their camp had been. Pax dropped her shoulders and stared into the tree branches above her. “Why did this happen?”

Her mother told her tales of the Faeries and their mischievous habits as bedtime stories.  They lured travelers away from their belongings and stole anything they could carry off. Pax couldn’t believe she had fallen for the trick – she felt ashamed.

She made her way back to Fáelán and prepared for the rest of their journey through Egon Wood. Fáelán lowered himself to the ground, giving Pax the option of riding the rest of the way on his back. Grateful, Pax hopped on and Fáelán began walking through the branches and fallen trees.

They walked along the shady path for a few hours, the sunlight streaming through the branches in small patches. Though the woods were cool, Pax felt drowsy from the mid-morning warmth.  Fáelán laughed, and slowed his pace to let his companion sleep.


Soul Connection, Part I


When I met Aaron on November 3rd 2014, I felt an instant connection. I walked up to him when we were on break (we met our first day of training at work), and I told him point blank: “You’re my best friend.” He was accepting of this, and we hung out at work all the time – I tried to sit near him as much as possible, even though we had assigned seats. We joked around in class and out. It was this resonance that I had never experienced before, like that feeling when you meet someone and you just know they are right for your life.

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What Have I Been Doing?

Alright, so I know the little aside post from earlier gave an update on what I am doing… but I wanted to write a more in depth post about my current workings. As you know, I’ve been dealing with not having a charger for my camera battery – however, I received the charger in the mail the other day, and the battery is now fully charged. I am excited to get back to taking pictures, and I have two little girls that desperately need some pictures taken! 😀

I’ve been working tirelessly on Book 1 of the Erenon Chronicles – mostly just storyboarding and world building, but I’ve almost cleared the 8th chapter of the first draft. I’ve developed a bit of a an idea about where I want this book to go: 3 parts, each at least 100 pages long, and the POV character changes with each part. I think I am going to separate each book into at least 3 parts, in order to keep the length of the story shorter and not bore my readers with information. But it is already filled with quests and battles, and gorgeous scenery. Check out the Erenon Chronicles page for my storyboard on Pinterest, which shows the inspiration for the different places in the book. (Hours of work went into making the board, and I foresee many more hours spent procrastinating on Pinterest!!)

I’ll be posting an excerpt from the book here soon, hopefully within the next week. Stay tuned!

Good News!

My awesome sister bought me a new charger for my camera, as the original one seems to be MIA. So I am back to working on my photography, hopefully I will have some images to add to the galleries here soon! I am also working more on Book I of the Erenon Chronicles (Sword of Thandium). I’ll keep you all posted on everything going on, in a more detailed post. Also coming up, I will be writing a few posts regarding spiritual subjects. Stay tuned!