Soul Connection, Part I


When I met Aaron on November 3rd 2014, I felt an instant connection. I walked up to him when we were on break (we met our first day of training at work), and I told him point blank: “You’re my best friend.” He was accepting of this, and we hung out at work all the time – I tried to sit near him as much as possible, even though we had assigned seats. We joked around in class and out. It was this resonance that I had never experienced before, like that feeling when you meet someone and you just know they are right for your life.

Last night, Aaron and I had a spiritual experience together. I wont go into the gory details, but I experienced a type of intimacy I’ve never had before – my soul connected with his and it sent us on a crazy journey. It recharged my batteries and I now feel a reestablished connection with the Universe/Source.

He has helped bring balance back into my life, and I feel more connected to my own energy and to the energy around me because of him. He has inspired me to reconnect with an aspect of my life I have tried to move away from. I am learning more about my beliefs and my spirituality since we got together because he is someone I can explore with.

I am going to learn more about this connection, explore more with him, and I am going to try to understand and develop more of my spirituality with his help.

2 thoughts on “Soul Connection, Part I

    • Thanks Spira – I do believe that everyone has a Twin Flame connection with someone out there, but not everyone has the opportunity to meet their partner. I wont lie, I tried to find that connection with everyone I have been involved with in the past, but even though I tried to convince myself, it never felt right. With Aaron, things are so easy – communication is the easiest it has ever been with ANYONE, and that is a big thing for me. We might bicker and argue, but we also sit down and talk about what is going on, why are we arguing, and we try and figure things out and make things better. It isn’t one sided, problems aren’t hidden from each other to fester in the darkness and develop into debilitating things that could cause us to split. Thank you so much for reading my post ❤ I am lucky that I finally found someone who stands beside me and is my equal, instead of someone who wants to control me. ❤

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