Altered States

Ealier this morning, around 12:30AM, I walked into our bedroom and undressed, turned YouTube on to a video of Shamanic Drumming, and climbed under the blankets. I closed my eyes and began paying close attention to my breath, willing myself into a light meditative state. I listened to the drumbeats, and felt the pounding in my soul.

As I slipped into trance, I felt a soft, cool breath on the right side of face, as if someone were breathing on me. I slipped into the void and fell into a vortex, where I began to spin as if I were on the Gravitron ride at an amusement park or carnival. I felt and heard nothing from the outside world – I knew it was still there, I could sense my husband in the living room, and I knew my children were upstairs asleep, but I heard nothing. It had all faded away from my mind.

My right arm felt weighted, as if held down by something – when I felt the distinct sensation of itches begging to be scratched all over my body, I ignored them. I am sure they were still there, they never went away, but my mind glossed over them and did not recognize their existence. I began to feel as if my right arm had faded out of existence, and unfortunately this triggered my mind to come back to waking consciousness.

I shook it off, wrote down my experiences, and attempted to do another trance but ended up sitting in darkness, in the void, with nothingness my only companion, for about 30 minutes. This second trance was not a fail, but it was exactly what my mind needed to reset after the vortex episode.

This was my first step into using a drumming recording to enter a trance, and I must say that I prefer this method over the typical counting down method. This is a much smoother transition into an altered state, and it creates a different experience entirely. It makes it more difficult for me to find my Tree, at least from the first experience, but I think it will prove to be a more solid method than any other I have tried.

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