I Do….


We said “I Do” on October 16th, 2015. We met November 3rd 2014. I married my best friend, my partner, my twin flame. I waited for years to finally meet him, but I never thought we would be here. He is going off to BCT for the Army in the middle of November, right before the most stressful and nerve-wracking time of year – the Holidays. I am not prepared to spend this first holiday season as a married couple apart, but I have close friends and family, and in-laws that approve of me and my children, so that should be alright.

Every morning I wake up and see his face, and know that he is mine forever. We will make it through every obstacle, over every hurdle, and through the flames that may rise around us. I am still in awe of the fact that I am married, that I have found my partner, the person I will spend my life with. We share values on key issues, and when we disagree (we may argue and fight), we communicate in the end and figure out if there needs to be a compromise. He is the world to me and my kids, and we are the world to him.

I am still freaking out and excited. The wedding wasn’t much of a ceremony, we just did it outside our apartment and my soul-sister was the officiator (she was feeding her infant while going through it). We signed the papers and we were married. We are planning on having a real ceremony and exchange of vows when he gets out of BCT and AIT, which will be around this time next year.

Things are changing for our little family, good changes and scary changes, but I see brightness in our futures.


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