2016 Career Goals

I have many career goals that span years of work – writing, photography, owning a business, spiritual counseling, and more. I laid out some pretty specific goals for this year, and they are all related to owning my own business. Thing is, I’ve opened an online storefront before, back in like 2013, but it didn’t last (mostly due to my lack of knowledge about marketing, branding, pricing, and shipping).

My first goal to accomplish is to determine a list of products and services that I want to provide in the shop. This will lead me into material budgeting, which will then lead me into pricing, hosting, and ultimately branding my stuff. Once I have all of that determined (and obviously some sort of inventory of products ready to sell), I will need to determine an opening date. I already have an idea for when to open – between August and September, in time for holiday orders.

This is only a tentative plan, and it gives me a time frame to work with (5 months to get everything together). I am not too worried about meeting the August/September deadline, though, because I wont be able to open the shop until everything else is in place.

On the spreadsheet I also put down Pagan Mentoring jobs? because I was recently contacted about a potential mentoring gig here in my town. The person offered to pay, which was not originally in the add I had posted on witchvox, but it much appreciated (and encouraged by my husband). This is a part of my career because the business I will be working toward is Spiritual in nature. I also completed a Reiki training course, which will be a part of the business as well.

This page will be updated regularly with images and progress reports!

Career Goals – 0% Complete for the month.


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