2016 Financial Goals

Budget. Budget. BUDGET! We need a budget, we need to keep a tab on everything that is bought and where the money is going. We need to save money. These are all goals listed under financial.

First of all, a budget is necessary – it tells me where the money is supposed to go, where it actually goes, how much for savings, how much for play, and how much for my husband’s necessities while at BCT.

I just finished working up a budget for the entire year (it also shows monthly), that includes everyone in the house and all current necessary expenses (food is currently taken care of from a separate source, and cigarettes are not included because they are not necessary). I allotted myself $225.00 per month to be spent on both personal care items and hobbies. This includes cigarettes/juice for my mod. There is $110 allotted for the kids including school related items, other items, and allowance per month. $600 to savings per month.

Including all of the things listed, we have a total of $2,069 in expenses per month. This leaves $231.00 in the account for my husband while he is at BCT (just like mine, that includes his personal care items). We barely make it each month, according to this. I did, however, overestimate on a few things (phone, electricity, and the amount for school and other for the kids), but that gives some wiggle room.

Based on this, however, I really should get some sort of income rolling on my part to supplement the expenses my husband is taking care of. There are a few options at this time, and I will discuss those further in my 2016 Career Goals.

So, now that I know where all the money needs to go, I need to figure out how to stick to this budget. I know I need to get some sort of ledger (like a check balancing book, which should be free from the bank), and keep a tab that way in order to make sure I am sticking to our projected budget through the month and year.


According to the all-knowing chart, my happiness with our finances is at 62.50% – not really that bad, and according to the budget, we are in the ok range of expenses. We should honestly have at least an extra $1,000 income each month, so that we can be comfortable and have extra money for fun stuff – but at this point, that isn’t really a worry for me. I’m not worried about that much in extra income, but I know my husband is.

That extra income is why my husband has suggested that we press for child support from my children’s biological father. I don’t remember if I posted at all about what happened a little over 1.5 years ago, but essentially, their bio-dad seriously fucked up and got booted from their lives until June 3rd, 2015. Since June 3rd, he has not contacted me in regards to the children, nor has he made any real effort to involved with them at all. If I am awarded child support, and he actually pays what is owed, then I will be able to redo the budget to factor in that amount (which means more towards the kids each month, which means field trips and more supplies for school!).  But this is a very delicate situation, and I need to figure out more about the process. Yay. /sarcasm


Financial Goals – 75% Complete for the month.
Goal Reached: Create a Budget! 01/29/2016