2016 Health Goals

Health goals… You know, so many people make resolutions to lose weight, eat more healthy, quit smoking, do this, do that – but so many people don’t make it half way through the year, let alone through the first month! That’s why I dislike resolutions so much. I prefer the concept of goals – set attainable goals and work toward them. Take baby steps if you need to. Don’t expect your progress to show over night. This is where PATIENCE is really going to play a role in my life.

I was never a heavy person, not as a teenager. I was always under 150 lbs, and 97% of the time I was under 135. I didn’t gain weight until I was pregnant with Sunstone, and then after giving birth to him I weighed 145 lbs (I had actually only gained a total of 19 lbs that stuck with me after his birth). I never lost any of that weight. Once I gave birth to Moonstone, I was 165-175 (I fluctuated dependent upon the month, my activity level, breastfeeding amount, and eating habits).

I didn’t think I had gained that much weight, but compared to what I was when I got pregnant with that little munchkin, I had gained 40-50 pounds.

IMG_20140321_095758019_HDR (1)

I was my heaviest toward the end of 2014 – when I started working at the call center (for the 4th time), around the time I met my husband, I was pressing 200 pounds. Everything hurt, I was always tired, I was so out of shape that walking down the street to my friends house was a chore that left me heaving, doubled over, and out of breath.


(I’m the one in the black dress with black hair – this was March 2015).

I started to work on getting my weight down in late January/early February by walking – I walked once or twice a week at night, after dropping my kids off with my mother. I would walk from my place down to the community college – about 2-3 miles (between 4 and 6 miles round trip, depending on the routes taken).

By March 2015, my weight had plateaued at 195 – a grand total of 69 pounds gained from my pre-kid weight. No, it’s not a lot, but with arthritis already eating me away, diabetes running in the family, and barely being able to walk without having to stop to catch my breath, my weight was a serious problem.

I started to watch what I ate – but not in a healthy manner. I stopped eating as much – I would eat a candy bar or a small thing of donuts before work, and then I wouldn’t eat again until after noon (I woke up at 3am and started work at 4am). I smoked at least half a pack of cigarettes between 3am and noon. I drank caffeinated soda all day long to keep me going. I started taking an extract that also energized me, boosted my metabolism, and curbed my appetite. I lost 30 pounds between March and the end of April.

My weight has been fluctuating between 165 and 180 since my husband and I started dating back in June 2015. I haven’t reach the 150’s at all. At this time, I am about 170 lbs.


My happiness with my health is at 12.50%Health is the lowest area in my life right now. It has the most goals (at 7 total). My first goal right now is to create a meal plan, make sure we are all getting our vitamins and minerals. I should be receiving my Garcinia extract here in a few days – the extract that helped me lose all that weight last year – and with my goal of daily yoga and squats, I should be able to reach my 15 pound goal in 4 months.

Though I am not Catholic, I do plan on observing the sacrificial aspect of Lent this year – I will be giving up soda starting February 10th. I do not plan on going back to it once Lent is over, but my initial goal in this aspect is just to cut it out for the duration of Lent (which starts February 10th and ends March 26th – a total of about 45-46 days).

As my weight loss goal is split into 3 increments, I have decided that each 3-4 months I will re-evaluate and check progress. For this first increment, I am going to focus on the meal plan and sticking with it; I’ll work on creating a habit of yoga and squats in the morning; I will cut soda out for the allotted Lenten fast. I think this is a perfect way to start off working toward my health goals. I am not going to focus all of my efforts into the loss of weight, but more on the healthy eating and getting active. With good nutrition and exercise comes weight loss.

Health Goals – 0% Complete for the month.