2016 Home Goals

My home has never been the most organized, or the cleanest. I am not a good housekeeper – I’m awesome with cooking, and don’t get me started with crafting and DIY. But cleaning? Nah, not so much. However, I have  – with the help of my best friends – been able to get my living room in order and keep it pretty tidy. I’ve been able to traverse the high Laundry Mountain and put a dent in the dirty clothes that have been piling up around the house.

Sunstone cleaned his room and Moonstone’s room today – they look wonderful. I got the bathroom decent, and even put a dent in the kitchen. I just need to finish the kitchen, and then tackle our bedroom. Our bedroom is the worst room in the house. It is definitely a testament to our lack of cleanliness. I’m terrible.


So, the first step in my Home Goals is to CLEAN AND ORGANIZE THE HOUSE. We are two rooms away from that being completed. Once that is done, I can sit down to determine a daily, weekly, and monthly rhythm for the house (not just for cleaning, but overall and in general). Also, with school starting on Monday, we will be able to determine what works best for us school-wise, and work our rhythm with that. This will also help with getting Sunstone’s primary goal in place – I want to get him reading on his own with minimal frustration.

It is interesting to see how different areas of life are entwined with one another, and how accomplishing a goal in one field assists with the goals in another.

I need to discuss setting up a monthly dinner date with the in-laws, and once that is put on the calendar, we can come up with a date night schedule for me and the kids. I definitely want a night where we all sit down and watch a movie; I also want an evening where Sunstone and I do something, just the two of us, and another evening where Moonstone and I do something, just the two of us. I don’t give them enough one on one time as of right now, so I really do think those are necessary goals.

Home Goals – 0% Complete for the month.