2016 Goals (UPDATED)

I was inspired by Kaar to create some, hopefully, attainable goals for this year. These seem like a lot of goals, and a glance they really are – but most of them are tied into each other, in one way or another. Many of the Hearth/Home, Homeschooling, and Health goals are connected to each other in the concept of RHYTHM – establishing a rhythm will benefit all the areas. The curriculum we chose for Sunstone will get me moving, get me out of the house (nature walks!), and therefore will help me to further my progress toward my Health goals. I am nervous about what sits before me, and a part of me feels rather apprehensive about what I have outlined below, but I know that they are all attainable within a years time. I can do this.

So, I decided to take a quick inventory of my life and where I am right now. According to the image below, the areas that need the most work are: BUSINESS/CAREER  and HEALTH, while the secondary areas that require work (but not as much)wheeloflifeplan are: RELATIONSHIPSFUN AND RECREATIONPERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH, and FINANCES. I didn’t edit the labels on the Wheel of Life chart – mostly because of the lack of imaging software – but you get the gist of what I am dealing with right now.

I also decided to do the Pentacle Worksheet from Witchy Words, and this is what came out of it (I had to do it by hand because this computer doesn’t have good image editing software):


What this chart did was neatly place everything in the below outline in predefined areas relating to both Life Areas and Elements. It also helped me determine my 3 Primary Goals for 2016. If I don’t succeed anywhere else, these are the three places I want to see progress. I have my small goals, my big goals, and my 3 primary goals. Hot damn, this is starting to shape out to be a lot of work, lol.

I want to get all of my goals into the NORMAL range by December 15th 2016. Is this attainable? Of course. Will it be easy? FUCK NO. Will it be quick? Heck no it won’t. It is going to take the whole damn year to get through these.

(outline redacted)

Everything previously under Hearth, Home, Homeschooling, and Family is under HOME in the spreadsheet (aside from Finances, those are a different heading); Relationships is under the same heading; Spiritual under the same heading; Health under the same heading; Career under the same heading; anything under the Knowledge heading is in regards to mental health (specific mental health goals are not listed in the outline, they were added into the spreadsheet as an after-thought); and Personal under the same heading (I also added some goals to this area in the spreadsheet that do not appear in the outline). This sort of makes it more quantifiable, and easier to see where I am at to begin, and how the progress goes throughout the year.


As you can clearly see, the NUMBER ONE AREA that needs attention is my HEALTH. Then we have RELATIONSHIPS, HOME, and CAREER.

(Redacted GOALS OUTLINE to make the post smaller, and to stop repeating information).

This post will be edited as I determine goals for each area of my life. Fingers crossed that I actually find goals I can stick to this year. These are not resolutions, they are attainable goals that I will be able to work to and measure my progress. I will see results from these goals throughout the year, and hopefully have somethings to show for it.

Below are links to the Goal specific posts that I have written/am writing. They give more of a background on the goals… I guess. I don’t know. I’m confused right now, so excuse me for probably not making sense (lol).



4 thoughts on “2016 Goals (UPDATED)

    • I’ll be around lol. 🙂 I agree that the first time is always the hardest, especially when you think that giving yourself a ton of goals is the best way to do it – if you do that, you are setting yourself up for failure. Good to start with a few small goals, like baby steps. that’s how it is for me, at least. I tend to overdo goal setting.

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