Grimoire Challenge: January Week 5

I’m just jumping in on this, and I am truly uncertain how often I will be able to write about this, what with homeschooling starting on Monday. I doubt I will be posting each challenge per day, but will likely do as this post is done up – the whole weeks worth of challenges posted once a week. So, without further ado, the challenges I have done this week:


Monday – Journal Activity:  Make a list of the topics that you want to research this year. It can be as short or as long as you wish. You may add onto it at any time. These topics can also be used for any free days or challenge substitutions you wish to make. 

  1. Crystal Healing
  2. Herbs
  3. Bone casting (using real bones)
  4. Rune crafting (and using)
  5. Paganism/Witchcraft for kids
  6. Woodburning (because pyrography is badass and so useful)
  7. Shamanic Witchcraft
  8. Spirit and Pendulum board creation
  9. Spiritwalking/Spirit communication

Monday – Tarot Activity: This week is all about the numbers in tarot! Go over the properties and associations of the following numbers in each suit: Ace and 2. If you want to go for a challenge, include the reversals. 

Ace – Beginnings, Potential, Inspiration
Two – Decisions/Choices, Balance, Partnerships


Tuesday – Divination Activity: Shuffle your tarot deck and pull one card. What is it telling you?   

The Knight of Swords – Opinionated, hasty, action-oriented, communicative. Obsession makes us blind to the difficulties that may face us and the consequences of our actions.

Dude, I can’t even. I have this really bad problem with hyper-focusing on things and letting everything else fall by the wayside. Even now, I see myself shifting focus away from homeschooling, and back onto spiritual work. I gotta find some sort of balance, seriously.

I think I am going to make sure the Vowels portion of Bran and Bryn’s tale is finished and ready to print (I will need it next week, but I can figure out what to do until I pick it up on Monday from the printer), and then I will start working on the next months pieces. I also need to work on the little wooden versions of Bran and Bryn, instead of the damn Math Gnomes (which we wont need until months in the future).

I forgot how well the cards know me…

Tuesday – Tarot Activity: Go over the properties and associations of the following numbers in each suit: 3, 4, and 5. If you want to go for a challenge, include the reversals. 

Three – Creativity, Expression, Growth
Four – Foundation, Planning, Structure
Five – Change, Loss, Conflict


Wednesday – Correspondence Activity:  What types of items do you consider to correspond to luck? Write down as many as you can think of. Research what items correspond to luck. Which of these items do you have on hand right now?

  1. Keys
  2. Coins
  3. My personal lucky number (13)
  4. Tiger’s eye (stone)

(I believe I have them all on hand at the moment.)

Wednesday – Tarot Activity: Go over the properties and associations of the following numbers in each suit: 6, 7, and 8. If you want to go for a challenge, include reversals.

Six  – Harmony, Comfort, Balance
Seven – Reflection/Assessment, Spirituality, Discovery/Knowledge/Wisdom
Eight – Movement/Action, Success, Rebirth


Thursday – Spell Activity: Using your correspondence list from yesterday, write a luck spell. Include a candle and water.

Items Needed:

  • One key (any unused key will work)
  • Some string (purple – changing luck – or white – all purpose)
  • Your personal lucky number
  • A purple candle (to change your luck) and a fire source
  • A dish of Moon Water (blessed water)
  • A plate with your power symbol (pentacle, spiral, triquetra, etc)
  • A piece a paper and a pen

Place the candle in the center of your altar to the north, place the key on the plate in the center. Water to the west and your lucky number to the east.

Light the candle.

Hold your power number (written on a small piece of paper) in your hand and meditate on what areas of your life need a boost of luck.

Once you have a concept of the area you need a boost in, write it down on the piece of paper. Don’t make it too specific – no names of people if Love, if an item just write the item and the condition you want it in, if a job just write the date of your interview and the company name, etc. Place the paper with your luck number in the center of your words.

Fold the paper 3x3x3 (27 times).

Sprinkle some blessed water on the paper while holding firm in your mind the area in which you need the luck.

Tie the key on the string, wrap the the string around the paper and tie it in a knot.

Pour wax from the candle onto the paper, sealing it.

At this point, you can bury the paper in the yard, leave it at a crossroads, or place it in an area that wont draw attention (the back of a drawer, closet, something like that).

Thursday – Tarot Activity: Go over the properties and associations of the following numbers in each suit: 9 and 10. 

Nine – Attainment, Fruition, Fulfillment
Ten – End of a Cycle, Renewal, Completion


Friday – Self-Reflection Activity: Reflect on your progress in January. Which challenges that you completed do you think will make it into your actual grimoire? What information do you have no use for? 

As I have only done this week for January, there is only one spell to place in the grimoire – and I need to perform it before I can place it in there. Aside from that, I might write down the Tarot Number Associations I have determined, but that is a big if. I do really like this grimoire challenge, it is interesting and really makes you think about things and create things that are useful.

Friday – Tarot Activity:  How does numerology play into tarot? Does numerology play into how you read tarot? What do you know about numerology? If you don’t use tarot, how does numerology play into your practice, if at all?

I have read, on websites and in books, that Number Association is huge in the Tarot. I have never been one to focus on the numerology of the cards pulled – it’s more about the imagery for me. BUT, if I think about it and really look at it, no matter if I consciously use numerology or not, it is still there (even in the imagery). So I guess, in the end, it is a silent aspect of my readings, not a primary focus.

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