It’s Really Real…

Oh, dear god… We start schooling on Monday.

I am so frazzled.

We also have an inspection for the apartment that day. We are doing our Imbolc cleaning, getting everything taken care of and making sure the house looks good for the inspection… I finished the kitchen today – well, nearly finished the kitchen, I still have to finish the bar-counter and do some spot cleaning.

InstaShape_2016130171133504 (1)

The floor (top) was covered in cardboard that had gotten stuck due to something spilling and drying – this was when we first moved in back in June. I finally figured out how to get that crud off the ground with the supplies we have on hand. The stove and counters were trashed – literally, there was a box of trash next to the stove, the stove was covered in burnt crap, and the other side (the right side) was just gross. I kind of suck at cleaning, I wont lie…

I haven’t even touched our bedroom yet, and that is It is seriously terrible. I am a horrible housekeeper, but right now everything looks pretty lovely – except that damn room. I am so scared to clean it… There is so much that needs to be done in there – trash, husbands side of the bed, vacuum, organize, put clothes away. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but trust me… It is. I’d show you a picture, but I am just too embarrassed

I will say this for myself though, I am getting the house to a manageable point, and when that is finally accomplished, it will be much easier to maintain it.

But, this cleaning is not just for the inspection, it isn’t just because it really needed to be done – it is a common tradition for this time of year. Spring Cleaning, how well I remember you! As a child, I never realized that – whether we intend it to or not – Spring Cleaning generally falls between Imbolc and Ostara, as well as during Lent. It is just an interesting connection I pretty much JUST made.

As a way to introduce Sunstone and Moonstone to our new way of learning, I have been reading them The Golden Key before bed. We didn’t get to tonight, because it was already pretty late and they were both cranky with the tiredness. I promised them that tomorrow night we would continue it. I doubt we will be done with it tomorrow night, which is fine because we can work on finishing it Monday night before bed. They seem to really like it, which makes me happy. It is a great story, and (I don’t know if the original was written to do this) it introduces them to the Vowel Sounds we will be learning about in February.

I still haven’t finished Bran and Bryn’s cloaks (for the wooden peg dolls), nor have I commenced going through and organizing the school supplies. Two of my best friends and their daughter (Moonstone’s BFF) are moving in about 16 days, and we are trying to spend as much time together as we can, so that limits the amount of time I can really focus on the house and getting shit done. I don’t mind 100%, because I am going to miss them entirely too much. They have been my rocks during this process of my husband being gone (my best friends husband is actually getting out of the Army, which is why they are leaving).

I am super excited to share the Vowels with you all once we start learning them. I worked really hard on the stories, and I really tried to keep them as true to Waldorf as I possibly could.

Fuck, I haven’t even been practicing my chalk-drawing… Or finger knitting… Or anything. I feel so unprepared, like I had all this time that I could have been working on this shit, but I haven’t been. WTF. God, I suck.

One thought on “It’s Really Real…

  1. ” Do you have to think how to work your thyroid gland or to breath? You just do it.
    Doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this fantastically complex thing and you are doing all of these & you never had any education in how to do it?” Allan Watts

    You don’t suck. Have a nice Sun day.

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