H e l l o S p r i n g

โ‡‡ h e l l o ๐ŸŒธ s p r i n g โ‡‰


They said that she would return, to bring the spring flowers and warm breezes – they told her she would soon see the sun overhead, and hear the songs of the bluebirds filling the air.

She exited the dank stairwell that led up from her Underworld, out into the sunlight that poured through the trees. She gripped the cool stone of the cave entrance, peering out to the path that led to her home, to her mother, to her family.

A wreath of Starflowers and Babyโ€™s Breath adorned her soft auburn curls, and wildflowers grew from her arms as if her flesh were the richest soil. Hepatica, Violet, Marigold – they fell from her wrists to awaken the other wildflowers that lined the path.

The path was still covered with patches of white snow, but as she stepped from her hiding place, the snow began to melt away, feeding the soil, giving it life. The branches that were bare dropped tears of joy on her cheek, blossoms bursting forth from their winter beds.

She danced down the path, touching the tree limbs, sweeping her lithe fingers through the tall grass, bringing to life the rainbow of flowers that signalled her return. She ran through a field of golden stalks, leaving in her wake millions of tiny Fire Pink blooms.

Her return meant warmth and life – something she saw very little of in her Underworld. But she was home, above that dismal place, and she had brought the colors of Spring with her.


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