I am a riddle,
wrapped in a mystery,
inside an enigma-
an enigma
that is wrapped in a paradox
and shrouded in a conundrum;
but perhaps there is a key…

And mayhap,
one day,
I shall find that key…

But for now,
I search through
and a deep interest in
spirituality and philosophy,
space and science.

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Vicky, exposing one’s soul is always a risky business, isn’t it? But, if you ask me, its worth it! May your journey lead you to your mountain top. And I’ll be happy to share whatever parts of the ride you decide worthy.
    Oh, and FUCK labels. It’s one of the most widespread forms of violence. We have the right to be more than one things, those not expected from us included.
    Good luck to you and your loved ones -(angelic photos, great work 🙂


    • I am glad to have you along! I love your insight. Thank you for stopping by. I agree that labels are one of the most widespread forms of violence. We are all humans! I understand that, as humans, our brains need names and titles so that we understand what we are looking at or hearing, but labels are terrible. They cause segregation, cliques form, and bullying happens. I dunno, I guess I am just tired of trying to fit a single part of me in somewhere. I am a complex individual, and I guess I am ready to acknowledge that to the world around me, and pull all the unique aspects of myself into one cohesive face to show everyone. 😀 Again, thanks for stopping by! And thank you, children are a joy to work with!


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