Discovering Me: Beginning the Journey

Beginning the JourneyThis might end up being the second page in the finished book. Either way, this was inspired by this page [+here], which I found on Pinterest. I loved the look and feel of the page, but I put my own soul into it. It looks different, but that is the point of inspiration! Definitely beginning a journey, especially after the news we received yesterday (read Discovering Me: Fear). Not much else to discuss with this page, just pretty basic!


Discovering Me: Fear

FearYeah, I won’t lie, I have some major fear right now. Our landlord is a sleazy man who is lazy and misogynistic. He hates women, beats his wife, degrades the female gender – he is everything a man should NOT be. And he refuses to call his credit card processor to have our rent money released so we can get a money order instead of running our card. My partner went to pay rent, and the landlords office staff screwed up the transaction. It is showing as complete on our end, but their end is still processing and has a hold of 10 days on it. There is absolutely nothing we can do right now because it has to do with their credit card processor! Because of their refusal, we are being evicted. We are trying to find ways around it, but every hour that goes by, I keep feeling like there is no way around it.

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Discovering Me: Front Cover

Front CoverAlright, over the past couple of days I have created three more pages, one of them being the Front Cover for the finished product. I hadn’t had the inspiration when I first started this project, but it came to me last night when I was trying to figure out what my next page should be about. The pages are likely to be reordered when I decide to put them together as a book. I am going to run this project for 1 month, and see where it takes me in discovering myself. So, here is the front cover! Continue reading

Discovering Me: Things I am Thankful For

things I am thankful for

Things I am Thankful For… I really had to think about this. This page was difficult for me, because I had to take a good hard look at my life and pick the things I am truly grateful/thankful for. We are not well off, financially speaking. We are actually below the federal poverty level. Yes, we get government assistance – I am not ashamed of that. Even when we were both working full time, we were below the poverty level and we were struggling just as much, but we had more bills to worry about. We still barely make rent every month – mostly because he takes off work or he gets sent home early because it is really slow; my job barely makes me any money, and my bank account is nearly $200 overdrawn. Right now, I don’t feel like I have a lot to be thankful for.

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It Might Take a Year

It Might Take a Year

It Might Take a Year

It might take a year, It might take a day, But what’s meant to be will always find its way

I suck at traditional art of any kind. I have made so many art journals and altered books, but they are never going to be used by me because I just cannot sit down and work in them. I have no idea why! So, I decided to turn what I wish I could do traditionally into something I know I can do digitally – I am creating a digital art journal. Now, this is going to be just as difficult because I get inspired and end up not having the digital resources or the money to buy them on hand. Also, inspiration comes at random times, and I have no idea when I will make another page. I think I might try doing a page a week.

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