Grimoire Challenge: February Week 1

Here are the challenges for February 1 through February 5.

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Grimoire Challenge: January Week 5

I’m just jumping in on this, and I am truly uncertain how often I will be able to write about this, what with homeschooling starting on Monday. I doubt I will be posting each challenge per day, but will likely do as this post is done up – the whole weeks worth of challenges posted once a week. So, without further ado, the challenges I have done this week:

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Your Amazing Witchy Self

Found this on Small Town Pagan, who found it on YouTube. I decided to answer the questions as a sort of inventory for myself, to see where I am right now.

1. What kind of witch are you? I am an Eclectic Witch – I have leanings toward Hedge Witchery/Shamanism, but I am definitely eclectic.

2. How did you discover your path? My mother raised me as a Witch, though I identified as a Christian for a number of years during my childhood. She was my first introduction to a truly eclectic path; I started to develop thoughts about my spirituality at 10 years old, but I didn’t truly build my own personal beliefs until I was 19, on my own, and pregnant with my oldest child. I defined a lot of my beliefs with my kids biological father (who, for all his failings, was a good listener). It took a lot of reflection and thought and research to find out what my path detailed for my practice.

3. How long have you been practicing? Technically my whole life, but I truly only count the last 15-16 years as truly practicing, because that has been the length of time I’ve been doing things on my own (learning and practicing).

4. What path/tradition do you follow? Eclectic with a dash of Hedge Witchery and Shamanism.

5. Are you solitary or do you have a coven? Solitary.

6. Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques? I generally only do the Tarot, but I dabble in Astrology.

7. Do/would you teach and practice witchcraft to your children? I plan on raising my children with Paganism and Witchcraft, but I will encourage them to study other religions and find their paths as they deem appropriate.

8. Do you have a patron/major deity? Yes, and I am grateful for their patience and undemanding nature with me.

9. Favorite pantheon? I have a deep love of the Greek pantheon, always have, but I do not exclusively use this pantheon. I also love the Egyptian pantheon and Celtic pantheon.

10. Favorite goddess? Hekate

11. Favorite god? Lucifer (he is definitely a deity, whether he is widely seen as one or not).

12. Your sun sign? Aries

13. Your moon sign? Aquarius

14. Do you have a familiar? I searched for so many years for my familiar, and when I finally stopped caring about having one, I found him. I have a black cat (his given name is Loki, but I also just call him Black Cat) who cuddles in my lap when I perform magic, talks to me, points me in the right direction – he might knock things down, but it is always for a reason. He is a little shithead, no use denying it, but he is definitely my familiar. His older brother (whom we have had since my daughter was about 4 months old) is also my familiar, but he sits at the edge of the circle, watching and making sure everything remains safe – he is an indoor/outdoor cat, and whenever I leave he is waiting for me to come back. He has waited hours before, watching out, keeping an eye on the house, just waiting.

15. Thoughts on the afterlife? I believe in reincarnation, and I believe that a soul reincarnates multiple times and that there are lessons to learn in each life. Once our soul has learned all of the necessary lessons, it ascends back to the Great Spirit (the energy that makes up everything in this Universe), and becomes a star or some shit like that. I don’t know, I haven’t ascended yet. I have a very complex view on the afterlife and what becomes of us once we are no longer required to remain on this plane of existence.

16. Have you had any paranormal experiences? Too many to talk about. I am still very sensitive to the paranormal, and will likely continue to have experiences like the ones I’ve had in the past. One of the most notable experiences was, and still remains, the ‘imaginary’ friend I had when I was 7. We moved into my grandmothers house, and immediately I met Sarah, who was my age and looked similar to me but had brown hair and blue eyes – her skin was just a single shade darker than mine. When I told my mother about her, she flipped nuts – my grandmother accused me of lying and kept asking me how I knew about Sarah. Turns out, she was pregnant when my mother conceived me – my grandmother had a still birth of a baby girl she had named Sarah. They kept her headstone downstairs behind the couch before we moved in, and we kept all of my grandmothers furniture the way it was for a while. Sarah is still attached to me, and in honor of her, my daughters first name is Sarah (though that is not what we call her).

17. Are you out of the broom closet? if so, how do your friends/family feel about your path? I am most definitely out of the broom closet. I don’t usually hide it, unless it is for the sake of friends or out of respect for family. I might be open with my mother in law, but I would never discuss my beliefs with my husbands grandparents (unless they pressed and pressed and pressed and I finally snapped).

18. What is something that inspires you? Art. Writing. Music. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Paganism/Witchcraft, cleaning, or whatever else – art, writing, and music are my inspirations for everything I do.

19. Do you have an altar? Yeah, I do – but the question is, do I use it? Because the answer to that is no, no I do not. Why? Because I am lazy and messy and harebrained and can’t sit down for a second to do anything that might further my spiritual path without finding something else to do first. I’m terrible.

20. What’s a spell that you’ve done? Money spells! Whenever I do my taxes, I always do a money spell to make sure the correct amount comes to me without deviation – I can’t stop the IRS from delaying it, but I can make sure I get it in the end. Job spells are another one I’ve been known to do. Protection and cleansings are spells and rituals I do regularly.

21. Do you have a totem animal? if so, what is it? Yeppers, Black Cat/Panther and Coyote. I have Wolf and Snow Leopard as well, but Black Cat and Coyote are my main ones (my Totem’s are the same as my Spirit and Power Animals).

22. Favorite pagan holiday that you celebrate? My number 1 favorite is Ostara, but Samhain is number 1 as well, if that makes any sense.

23. Do you meditate? I try? Yeah, let’s go with that. I try.

24. Have you gone to a psychic/tarot reader/reiki master/healer/etc? Tarot and Palm readers, who all sucked balls – except for the last one, who offered me a job managing one of her stores because she believed I had ‘the gift’.

25. What are some witch books that have influenced you? The Spiral Dance by Starhawk (really, all of Starhawk’s books); the Temple of Witchcraft Series by Christopher Penczack; any and all of Cunningham’s work.

26. Favorite witch websites? I don’t have one?

27. Favorite witch movie? Practical Magic

28. Favorite mythological animal? Well, not mythological, but Dire Wolves. But I also like… Pegasi.

29. Favorite season? Nope. I can’t pick one. It used to be Winter, but I love Spring and Autumn as well. Here in the desert, we have Monsoon and because of that, everything is green and muggy and alive and perfect – so I love that season as well. Can’t, and won’t, pick one. Bite me.

30. Favorite herb? Lavender and Sage

31. Favorite gem? Hematite, Bloodstone, Amethyst, and Quartz

32. Rune of your choice? Meh, I generally don’t mess with Runes. Not my thing.

33. Tarot card of your choice. The Sun, The Moon, and The Star (I can’t pick one!)

34. Symbol/sigil of your choice. Spiral, Tree of Life, or Pentacle.

35. Your athame (or one you want). Nope. Don’t have one, or want one.

36. Your wand (or one you want). Any stick I find, or my son finds, works just as well as any elaborate wand you could make or buy (at least for my path).

37. Your cauldron (or one you want). An aluminum pie dish, which are fireproof and just fine. Or maybe a glass baking dish, if I just need to mix some stuff up. I don’t really care, as long as it doesn’t break.

38. Your book of shadows (or one you want). OMG. I have two handmade, leather bound, handmade paper journals (one for each child so I can pass them down), regular black journals, a binder, notebooks, files on a computer, this blog… Sheesh. I want a giant tome but meh, whatever. I would never use it anyways. Even after all this time, I have no desire to write down the information because my path is constantly evolving and I don’t like ripping pages out of things.

39. Your tarot deck(s) (or one you want). The Tarot of the Cat People and Shadowscapes (I saw all the artwork for Shadowscapes before the deck was publish, and I am in love with the artists work so hard, omg, and I wanted this deck for years before I finally got it a few months ago).

There you go. Yep. Awesome. Peace out people, love, light, and sweet dreams!

November Theme: Femininity and Beauty


The theme for this month will be Femininity and Beauty. This is somewhat fitting as I will become an Army Wife this month, and Spirit knows that many (but not all) Army Wive are vain and shallow. I am a serious mess, my hair is a rats nest, my clothes could use an upgrade, my house is beyond messy…. I have many areas in my life that could use some TLC, and this month I plan on spending time reconnecting with my femininity and trying to bring beauty back into my home and my appearance. Taking care of oneself is not a negative thing, in fact it is a requirement for a healthy life to take care of, and take pride in, ones appearance.

I will be exploring more into this cards significance this month, and I will be learning how this project will fare in my life and spirituality. It seems like a nifty project, and I will only be using the Major Arcana. This is going to be an interesting month 😀

Faceless Self Portraits

I recently found myself on skillshare, a wonderful website that is well priced and offers classes in many creative mediums, obviously including photography. I found an interesting 8 video course title Creative Self Portrait Photography: Going Beyond the Selfie. The final project is a three image compilation following the teachers format. I really enjoyed this process – I ended up using my smartphone and Instagram in order to finish the project because at this time, my phone is an easier piece of equipment to manage than my DSLR.

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Tori’s Temple – A New Category


I have decided to give Christopher Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft series another go, and will be using this blog as a means of keeping track of my progression. I, of course, will have a private journal for recording things, and the posts here in this new category will be edited to leave out the more personal things that need to be kept hidden.

I am definitely looking forward to this study, and hope that I have the drive to get through it, as I have attempted in the past but life usually gets in the way. Fingers crossed. I have a tough time keeping commitments and it has caused some problems in my life.

I think it is an apt time to begin a new journey, seeing as Samhain is this coming weekend, and it is viewed as the New Year for witches. New beginnings, so fun.

I will be doing my first post sometime this week, unsure when… Again I say that I have a serious problem with commitment, and often forget that I planned on doing or writing something. I have to find a way to keep myself on track and remind myself that my spiritual path is a serious investment and I need to be serious about this. *sighs* I have dreams, you know? I am so tired of slacking. Lol.

Altered States

Ealier this morning, around 12:30AM, I walked into our bedroom and undressed, turned YouTube on to a video of Shamanic Drumming, and climbed under the blankets. I closed my eyes and began paying close attention to my breath, willing myself into a light meditative state. I listened to the drumbeats, and felt the pounding in my soul.

As I slipped into trance, I felt a soft, cool breath on the right side of face, as if someone were breathing on me. I slipped into the void and fell into a vortex, where I began to spin as if I were on the Gravitron ride at an amusement park or carnival. I felt and heard nothing from the outside world – I knew it was still there, I could sense my husband in the living room, and I knew my children were upstairs asleep, but I heard nothing. It had all faded away from my mind.

My right arm felt weighted, as if held down by something – when I felt the distinct sensation of itches begging to be scratched all over my body, I ignored them. I am sure they were still there, they never went away, but my mind glossed over them and did not recognize their existence. I began to feel as if my right arm had faded out of existence, and unfortunately this triggered my mind to come back to waking consciousness.

I shook it off, wrote down my experiences, and attempted to do another trance but ended up sitting in darkness, in the void, with nothingness my only companion, for about 30 minutes. This second trance was not a fail, but it was exactly what my mind needed to reset after the vortex episode.

This was my first step into using a drumming recording to enter a trance, and I must say that I prefer this method over the typical counting down method. This is a much smoother transition into an altered state, and it creates a different experience entirely. It makes it more difficult for me to find my Tree, at least from the first experience, but I think it will prove to be a more solid method than any other I have tried.

Soul Connection, Part I


When I met Aaron on November 3rd 2014, I felt an instant connection. I walked up to him when we were on break (we met our first day of training at work), and I told him point blank: “You’re my best friend.” He was accepting of this, and we hung out at work all the time – I tried to sit near him as much as possible, even though we had assigned seats. We joked around in class and out. It was this resonance that I had never experienced before, like that feeling when you meet someone and you just know they are right for your life.

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Totem Animals



“A totem is a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol of a tribe, clan, family or individual. Native American tradition provides that each individual is connected with nine different animals that will accompany each person through life, acting as guides.” –

The website goes on to explain that though a person may have many guides throughout their lives, the totem animal is the primary guide that stays with a person their entire life. It also has a list of questions to assist the reader in determining their animal guide(s), and the meanings of the different animal guides that are common.

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