Welcome to Lifeful Life!

In the past week, I have been working tirelessly on building up my photography and digital art portfolio – you can see the posts [+here] – and I neglected my writing blog [+here] and my spiritual blog [+here]. Of course, I have been neglecting those anyways… But that’s precisely the point! I have so many random blogs because my mind is categorized in folders, neatly kept away from each other. None of my interests seem to mingle together when it comes to the blogging medium. I have worked so hard to keep each thing separate; I have sense diagnosed myself with CSMPD – CyberSpace Multiple Personality Disorder. What this means is that I have multiple faces that people may know me by when browsing the internet and coming across my blogs. Sure, I link them together, but that doesn’t mean that the average reader knows or understands that the links are to extensions of the blog they are currently visiting.

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