Good News!

My awesome sister bought me a new charger for my camera, as the original one seems to be MIA. So I am back to working on my photography, hopefully I will have some images to add to the galleries here soon! I am also working more on Book I of the Erenon Chronicles (Sword of Thandium). I’ll keep you all posted on everything going on, in a more detailed post. Also coming up, I will be writing a few posts regarding spiritual subjects. Stay tuned!


Conflicting Subjects

conflicting subjects

Last week, in CRPhotography, a challenge was held for the topic of Conflicting Subjects. The goal was to take a single photograph that shows two things that are conflicting. My inspiration for this challenge was my relationship with Aaron. We are two drastically different people, but we come together to make something beautiful, and that is our love for each other.

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On 08/09/2015, we headed out to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Ever since I was a little girl, I have needed at least one day a week dedicated to getting back to nature. It brings me a sense of balance, which is necessary in my life. I cannot get the same sense of harmony while I am in town – it just doesn’t work, there is too much noise, too much motion, too much metal; too much man.

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Saturday 27 September Adventure

So, we decided to go on a short adventure on Saturday – we ended up at a few different places, the first being Fairbank, Arizona. It is a historical mining site down in the San Pedro Riparian area. Really remarkable place, I love the old buildings. So, I took some photos of the buildings there both for their beauty and for the prompt ABANDONED. Also, an interesting plant and something that I felt needed to be documented – a One Way sign with an old stool in the background.

After Fairbank, we enjoyed the leisurely drive through the rolling hills of Southern Arizona. We wound up in the historic tourist town of Tombstone, and I got a few pictures, but these are the best.

HL’s 2nd Birthday

On Saturday, Sly held a birthday party for her daughter, HL. A little history: HL was put into CPS protective custody because of a lot of things her birth mother did that were really wrong. Her birth mother was definitely not ready for the responsibility of a child – I don’t think she understood what she was getting herself into, seeing as her first child was also taken away from her and is with Sly’s oldest daughter. Angel would bring HL over to Sly on a daily basis because she couldn’t handle taking care of the baby; Angel wanted to do everything else except take care of her daughter. Finally, after taking a baby, who was only about 2 months old, into the front seat of a car without a carseat, CPS got involved. Sly has cared for HL since she was born – before she was born, really, she was buying and providing food, shelter, clothing, and everything else Angel might need, and for HL too.

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The Little Moments: 3rd Birthday!

Today was my daughters 3rd birthday. We wanted to do something special for her, so we went out to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area here in Cochise County. She loves nature, she loves running around, and she loves the San Pedro. We bought lunch at Fry’s on our way out – potstickers, black forest ham pinwheels, and spicy California rolls – and headed out to one of the covered table areas. Right next to the ramada was a birdfeeder attached to a tree, and a sock feeder hanging near us as well. I got some shots of the birds, but they weren’t to comfortable with the sound of my camera. I think I got some reasonable first shots, showing a bit of what we were doing and where we were.

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