Grimoire Challenge: February Week 1

Here are the challenges for February 1 through February 5.

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Grimoire Challenge: January Week 5

I’m just jumping in on this, and I am truly uncertain how often I will be able to write about this, what with homeschooling starting on Monday. I doubt I will be posting each challenge per day, but will likely do as this post is done up – the whole weeks worth of challenges posted once a week. So, without further ado, the challenges I have done this week:

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November Theme: Femininity and Beauty


The theme for this month will be Femininity and Beauty. This is somewhat fitting as I will become an Army Wife this month, and Spirit knows that many (but not all) Army Wive are vain and shallow. I am a serious mess, my hair is a rats nest, my clothes could use an upgrade, my house is beyond messy…. I have many areas in my life that could use some TLC, and this month I plan on spending time reconnecting with my femininity and trying to bring beauty back into my home and my appearance. Taking care of oneself is not a negative thing, in fact it is a requirement for a healthy life to take care of, and take pride in, ones appearance.

I will be exploring more into this cards significance this month, and I will be learning how this project will fare in my life and spirituality. It seems like a nifty project, and I will only be using the Major Arcana. This is going to be an interesting month 😀