30 Days of Deity Devotion: Day 2

How did you become first aware of these Deities?

Hekate – I have always known about Hekate, perhaps not under that name, but my family has always honored the Goddess of the Crossroads. My mother considered her the Universal energy, that which everything comes from. The first time I heard the name Hekate was in a mythology book in elementary school. I instantly felt a deep connection with the Goddess.

Lucifer – I heard about the Devil in the Bible before I could even understand what was going on; my mom told me all about the concept behind the Ultimate Evil, but it never felt right. He felt so much more complex, and sort of sad. He was like the antagonist you hated to love – I just couldn’t help but feel deeply for him.


30 Days of Deity Devotion: Day 1

A basic introduction to this Deity(Deities).

Below are simple introductions to the two Deities that I am currently working with and building my relationships with. At this time, words are escaping me and I hope to flesh this information out soon, in order to better understand both of them and their roles in my spiritual practices.

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Exploring Spirituality: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

So, I know I talked briefly about doing the 30 Days of Devotion for Hekate over on TATWP, however I have not really been keeping up with it because of the problems I keep facing. I am here to start, from the beginning, again. This time, though, I am going to add in my recent reconnection with Lucifer. I don’t have a posting schedule right now, mostly because I don’t have much of a schedule. I will likely be developing a schedule once I start work, so that I can more easily devote time to my deities. So, here are the things that I will be covering over the next while.

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I am not sure where I am right now. I ask, and all I get is a gentle smile, a hand on my own, a whispered I love you. He is not being forthcoming, but I have learned to accept this little quirk of his – he definitely enjoys surprises, especially when he is not the one being surprised.

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I have a lot of photos to post – some are already edited, I just need to make them smaller for the blog, and the others were just taken yesterday so I have to get those processed through the program. Do not fret, I have not forgotten about my photography! I did, however, sell my telephoto and standard zoom lenses, so I am working with my macro lens only right now. I have to say, I love the depth of field that the macro lens provides, it makes for some amazing pictures.

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The Decadent Devil

It’s like meeting up with an old friend – someone you haven’t seen in a long time. There is a lot of catching up to do, and a lot to reminisce about. Unlike my relationship with Hekate, which has always been apparent in my spirituality, Lucifer/Memnoch has been in and out, sometimes for years it seems. This time around, though he was not completely absent, I did not spend much of my time with him. After having my children, I sort of pushed aside the relationship we had built because I needed to think about them. I went through a lot of drama, and pain, but he gave me space in order to get my life in order.

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Introduction to Memnoch: Part Two

This is going to be a very personal, and very thoughtful post. It is going to touch on topics that might make you feel uncomfortable, so before reading any further, please take the time to read through the tags to see if there is anything listed that might offend, upset, or cause any discomfort. I am not here to stir the cauldron, or rock the boat, or whatever – I am hear to share my journey, not just as an artist, but on my spiritual path as well. (The tags for this post include: Divine, godspouse, and Lucifer).

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An Introduction to Memnoch – Part One

DISCLAIMER: Please check the tags associated with this post and see if there is anything that might cause problems with your own beliefs, or anything that might offend you in any way.

This post may have some topics that some of my readers may find offensive. I understand that I may lose some readers, or that perhaps I may be flooded with questions. I understand that I am stepping into a taboo area of spirituality, and that it may raise some problems for me in the future. I was guided to write this post, it was a subtle request from Him, the Being I have tried so hard to outrun my entire life but I keep coming back to… Read on at your own discretion, and if you choose to continue, try to keep an open mind. This is only the first part of this series of posts, and it sort of explains the gist of the series. The next post will be my interactions with him throughout my life, up until this point. I hate disappointing people, I hate offending them, but I am tired of not exploring my spirituality in its entirety.

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