A Change of Scenery

It happened again – the desire for something new. I need a change, a new name, a new identity. I got tired of this URL. And so, since we cannot change the URLs for our blogs here on WordPress, I have imported my posts, pages, and other ephemra to a new blog. I am currently working on the theme, but you can head on over to https://foreverlostinthewoods.wordpress.com/  and give me a follow, if you want. I’ll go ahead and keep this one up for now. I hope to see you all on the new blog.


T O R I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


My Writing – Update

So, I’ve been trying out some new concepts for writing – namely, Prose Poetry. The definition of prose poetry is:

Prose poetry is poetry written in prose instead of using verse but preserving poeticqualities such as heightened imagery, parataxis and emotional effects.

I’ve been experimenting with this style and seeing what I can do with it, especially with my current writers block in my ongoing projects. I came up with an interesting piece, and even more concepts for future pieces. I don’t really know where this is going, it could just be a fleeting fancy of mine that dwindles out – much like the others have. *shrugs* Who knows.

I also have decided to rewrite some of the Bran and Bryn tales – specifically the Alphabet ones, seeing as they were originally much longer parts. They have become short pieces that make it easier to tell my children so that their attention is kept. Other than that, haven’t really been doing a lot recently with writing. I miss it, especially writing poetry. Hopefully this is not a passing interest and I keep on with the prose poetry.

It’s Really Real…

Oh, dear god… We start schooling on Monday.

I am so frazzled.

We also have an inspection for the apartment that day. We are doing our Imbolc cleaning, getting everything taken care of and making sure the house looks good for the inspection… I finished the kitchen today – well, nearly finished the kitchen, I still have to finish the bar-counter and do some spot cleaning.

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The Tales of Bran and Bryn: Esbats

Alright, so I know I posted about this last night – I wanted to expound upon the topic of these stories a bit, and where I want to go with the series.

The Tales of Bran and Bryn: Esbats is a series of short stories that follow the adventures of the siblings Bran and Bryn each Full Moon. I believe that next year, come January, I will begin writing short stories to go with the Sabbats as well (as Sunstone and Moonstone will be older and more solid in knowledge of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year). Though we plan on working through the Sabbats starting with Imbolc this year, I will be using tales found on the internet. For all my studies these last 15 years, I am still at a loss for Sabbat inspiration! I am going to try and outline some ideas for the Sabbat series before January comes again, try to get a feel for what it should entail and such.

Though deities do have a role to play in the Esbats series, they may not play a traditional role as we adults would view it. They guide the children on their quests, and offer materials that will help them in their spiritual growth. In Storm Moon, the children meet Brigid of the Well, and she gives them a clear crystal that will summon her if their need is dire (it wont work for simple problems or mundane tasks, more of a life or death situation). She also gives the children a task – to find her three sisters. I know that Brigid is a Solar Deity, a Fire Deity, but the Sun and Moon are linked and therefor her three sisters are Lunar Deities: Diana, Arianrhod, and Selene.

Why did I choose Deities from different pantheons? Because I believe in providing my children a well rounded spiritual education, and they need to know that all deities ARE equal. I am not against those who focus on a single pantheon, I did for many years (started with Greek, then Egyptian, then Celtic) but realized that it didn’t matter who I called on for specific work or that I mixed Hindu and Greek deities in a job spell – it all worked for me, nonetheless.

Back to Storm Moon. Bryn holds onto the clear crystal. Diana gives Bran an enchanted Arrow that will guide the pair to her at any time – really what it means is that it will guide them out of the path of danger, but it uses Diana’s energy so an arrow may appear to direct them away from the danger, or her Stag may appear. Arianrhod gives Bran an owl shaped Moonstone pendant that will help the siblings to be wise and to find the answers to even the toughest questions. Finally, Selene gives Bryn her torch in order to light their way through darkness – whether physical or otherwise.

I just want to say that though I used traditional deities, they may not appear in any of the tales as how you might see them. The reason for this is because I write about my experiences with them, however brief they may be, not traditional experiences.

I really do hope that everyone enjoys these tales, and if you decide to use them in your own practice, I sincerely hope that you are yours enjoy them as well!

NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo – or National Novel Writing Month – is a 30 day challenge to write 50k words. Finish the first draft of a novel. I had planned to get the first portion of my fantasy book finished by Halloween, but life got in the way. My new goal is to finish it by the end of this month. Fingers crossed. I have been dealing with a lot recently, and major changes are happening in our lives. I only hope I can get this finished so I can move on and continue with the other stories in this fantasy universe.

If you want progress reports, I will be updating each day on my NaNoWriMo author page: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/victoria-anne-manning so please stop on by. I will be posting updates sporadically here, little tidbits and stuff to keep you all going.

Hope everyone who is doing NaNo this year has a good month! Sending the Inspiration Faeries your way!!

A New Start

A new look; a new name; a new feel. Many things have changed over the last few months, and I am intrigued by how those changes have affected me. I am quite unsure as to what it all means, but I am enjoying each day as I live them. I haven’t had a lot of time, or energy, to go out and do photography, but I hope to change that soon. I’ve been working on my writing, both the longer projects and many short poems.

I hope you all stick around to see what I have in store for my work in the coming months, and I hope that I can keep a handle on updating you all as often as possible.

Until next time, friends.

A Simple Update


Today is Friday the 13th. I am sick. I have called out, knowing that it could cost me my job. I am mentally, emotionally, and therefore physically exhausted. My thoughts and feelings – the ones I bury, the ones I don’t let see the light of day save for moments when they force words from my fingers – are slowing draining me of energy. I am trying so hard to be the person I want to be, the mother my children need… But it is hard. I feel inadequate, useless most days. The calm of the house after the kids depart for the day… That is the time I need to bring peace and calm to this mass of tangled webs in my mind.


As I am using my phone, I cannot make this update too long. Just know that I am still here, and I cannot wait to be back, writing regularly.