The Erenon Chronicles


Erenon was once a country filled with magic, but when a devastating split in the balancing forces occurred, magic was outlawed in Altium and those who practiced were removed from the kingdom, by any means necessary; in the kingdom of Ethandea, however, having magic in your blood was viewed as being close to the Divine, and therefore respected.

Pax would have fit in nicely in Ethandea, but she was born to a noble family in Altium. She has kept her magic from everyone around her, except her best friend, a dire-wolf named Fáelán. When she receives a dream from an unknown source, calling her to find an object that will help bring peace to Erenon once again, she begins an epic adventure through harsh terrain. She battles terrifying monsters, meets many people who have also received the call, and helps to devise a plan to bring balance back to her world.

I am working tirelessly on worldbuilding for this story. I have a document dedicated to Wiki style articles about the cities, history, customs, and everything – BUT, for now (until I finish that long document), here is the Pinterest board I use as inspiration for Book I of the Erenon Chronicles:


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