My Personal Pantheon

Gods are Archetypes – They’re human characters writ large, with passions and foibles… ( The first Gods were the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and the Stars – from there, we have the Hunt, Harvest, Grain, the Seasons, Life, Death, Choices. You name it, there is a God for it (hell, my husband and I developed Jessica, Goddess of Cigarettes and we make offerings of the contents of our ashtrays!). They were originally Human created, but became so much more with worship. They are real, and they are completely capable of taking form (either in visions/dreams, as animals, as really anything), and they are with us at all times. They are the perfect representation of how Thoughtforms are Energy, and how they are fully capable of taking Form.

My Pantheon is constantly evolving, but these are the Bodies and Deities that have stayed with me for longer than a few months.


The Sun – simply, the Sun; Life Giver, Warmth Bringer, Father of All Things

The Earth – simply, the Earth; Mother of All Things, She Who Gives Us Shelter, and She Who Feeds Us

The Moon – simply, the Moon; Daughter of the Earth, the Silver Wheel, and Guide

The Stars – is essence, seen as Children like myself and the rest of mankind but Parents and siblings in their own right, just the same as we are all Parents and siblings (in essence)


Other Deities that I may feel inclined to worship, give offerings to, or request assistance from:

Hekate – She has always been with me, since the beginning. She watched over me when my biological mother was not around, when my biological father was high. She first showed herself to me when I was a very young child – she is what guided me to study Christianity (which is odd, I know, but she had her reasons) and she guided me away when it was time. While she is demanding of others, Hekate is nothing but patient with me. She is not always demanding (though she can be, when it is needed). She sees my struggles, and she helps light my way and guide my path. For some time, Hekate was considered my Matron Goddess, but she chose to take a step back and give me room to find myself again. She is still here, and she still assists me in almost everything I do (magical and mundane). Sometimes she is a mentor, others a friend, and still others just a silent observer.

Lucifer – The reason Hekate guided me to Christianity. No, I am not a Devil Worshipper or a Satanist, nor am I a Luciferian. Lucifer is an odd one, I won’t deny it, and I am unsure as to how my relationship will develop with him (as I am married as this point, I am unsure how to be a devotee of a male deity). He is a guide in many areas, and he is also a challenger, he is a rebel, he questions and he pushes me to learn more, research, and delve deeper into topics.

Bast – Cats! Enough said. (I am a crazy cat lady in the making, no lie).

Persephone – Duality. She is Hades wife, she lives in the Underworld for half the year, hidden in shadows, surrounded by death; she is serious, she is logical, she is stern – and for the other half, she is in the sunlight under the Sun and Moon, she is earthen and green and fantastical.

Hades – God of the Underworld, he is another one that deals with change and death, but Hades is more challenging. He offers great advice (one of his epithets was Great Counselor), and he is a great listener, but he is also pretty dark. He and Persephone are often seen together in my work.

The Morrigan – I’m scared of her, and she knows it. I can’t hide that fear. All I can do is salute and follow her orders, and she doesn’t appear very often which I am grateful for. She knows I don’t have the stomach to be a devotee, but she has this thought that I am a good person to work with, for some reason. I plan on exploring more, once I get the nerve up.